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We are on the lookout for highly-motivated people with excellent communication skills, proven customer-service-aptitude and the ability to work in a fast-paced team environment. Knowledge of welding equipment and welding processes is an asset.

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Employment Opportunities      Revised: October 03, 2018

Outside Sales Associate
Odessa, TX USA (17813)
Berkeley, CA (19201)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA (19492)
San Antonio, TX (18596)
Vancouver, WA (20257)
Pittsburgh, PA (20385)

Repair Technician
San Diego, CA(18975)
Portsmouth, VA (20255)
Pelham, AL (19781)
Carson, CA (19638)
Chicago, IL (18595)
Pelham, AL (20412)

Generator Technician
Lahoma, OK (19210)
Jal, NM (20077)
San Diego, CA (20256)
Charolette, NC (18864)
Odessa, TX (19290)
Odessa, TX (19078)

Shop Mechanic
Odessa, TX (17811)
Lahoma, OK (17821)
Jal, NM (19211)
San Antonio, TX (19969)
Lahoma, OK (20462)
Odessa (20461)

Product Specialist, Generators
Chicago, IL (18800)

Branch Coordinator
Odessa, TX (19367)
Jacksonville, FL (20291)
Fort St. John, British Columbia (20292)

Las Vegas, NV (19501)

Branch Manager
Prarieville, LA (19476)

Austell, GA (16842)

Regional Fleet Coordinator
Grimsby, ON CA (17361)

Regional Vice President – Canada East
Grimsby, ON CA (17722)

Diesel Repair Technician
Houston, TX USA (14682)

Weld & Automation Specialist
Birmingham, AL / Atlanta, GA /
Mobile, AL / Olive Branch, MS (19475)
Carson, CA (19780)

Director, Power Generation
Tampa, FL / Atlanta, GA / Chicago, IL /
Berkeley, CA / Houston, TX (19637)

Regional Inside Sales Associate
Atlanta, GA (18861)

Safety Director - Transportation
Atlanta, GA / Houston, TX / Grimsby, ONT (20126)

Field Safety Manager
Denver, CO / Salt Lake City, UT / Seattle, WA /
Portland, OR / Berkeley, CA (19285)

Senior Financial Analyst
Grimsby, Ontario (20142)

Credit and Collections Associate
Atlanta, GA(20381)

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Airgas, an Air Liquide company, is the nation's leading single-source supplier of gases, welding and safety products. Known locally nationwide, our distribution network serves more than one million customers of all sizes with a broad offering of top-quality products and unmatched expertise.