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E300 Multi-Operator Paks

E300 Multi-Operator PaksE300 Multi-Operator Paks

Top Features

  • Rugged Tubular Pak-Lok-Frame
  • Excellent Performance and Versatility
  • Built to Red-D-Arc Extreme-Duty Specifications
  • Available in 4Pak and 6Pak Configurations
  • Processes: Stick (SMAW), TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW), Multioperator, Flux-Cored (FCAW)

Multi Welder Paks for stick welding with all types of electrodes up to 3/16" including low hydrogen, stainless steel, hardfacing, aluminum and bronze. Also scratch start DC TIG, and MIG or flux-cored welding with voltage sensing wire feeders. Includes a built-in stabilizer for outstanding arc stability and pop-out-resistant welding with all DC electrodes.

Product Details


Individual Module Specifications
DC Amperage Range: 40 - 250 A
Maximum OCV: 70
Rated Output: 250 A at 30 VDC, 30% duty cycle
4Pak Specifications
Weight: 1,738 lb (788.3 kg)
Dimensions: H: 74" (1880 mm) W: 50" (1270 mm) D: 35" (889 mm)
6Pak Specifications
Weight: 2,657 lb (1205.2 kg)
Dimensions: H: 74" (1880 mm) W: 75" (1905 mm) D: 35" (889 mm)


Stick (SMAW)

  • Scratch Start DC TIG (GTAW)

  • MIG (GMAW)
  • MIG (GMAW) - When used with voltage sensing wirefeeders

  • Multioperator

    Flux-Cored (FCAW)
  • Flux-cored (FCAW-SS) when used with voltage sensing wirefeeders

  • Additional Features

    Ideal for shipyards, construction sites, or any job where operating multiple arcs from a single primary power source is an advantage. Up to 250 DC amps per arc with continuous output control. Individual welding modules permit easy access for service or repairs. Both the 4Pak and 6Pak operate from a 120 amp service with either 460 VAC or 575 VAC three-phase input.


    • DC output for maximum quality with every type of electrode including low hydrogen, stainless steel, hardfacing, aluminum and bronze
    • Built-in stabilizer provides outstanding arc stability and pop-out-resistant welding with all DC electrodes
    • Extreme-Duty™ stainless steel construction for operation in harsh environments
    • Rugged tubular Pak-Lok-Frame™ enclosure for increased protection
    • Can be assembled with Pak-Lok™ connectors into 4Pak and 6Pak multioperator systems with single source power input ideal for onsite applications including construction and shipbuilding
    • Continuous current control provides exact setting needed for each job
    • Recessed front panels protect controls
    • Spring loaded knob on control crank pulls out for easy adjustment and snaps back when released
    • Large safety margins and protective circuits protect rectifiers from transient voltages and high currents
    • Submersion dipping of transformer and choke in special sealing material gives extra protection against moisture and corrosive atmospheres
    • Drip-proof ventilation for protection in outdoor conditions
    • NEMA class II Rating
    • Multi-voltage input from a single phase line or one phase of a three phase line can be used

    Options, Accessories and Related Equipment

    K930-1 TIG module
    3 wheel shop cart
    2kW 120 VAC duplex auxiliary power receptacle
    Wire feeder

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    LN25 wire feeder
    Stick Welders

    E300 Multi-Operator Paks

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