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Red-D-Arc RDA150T3S 150 kVA Diesel Generator

Red-D-Arc RDA150T3S 150 kVA Diesel Generator

Top Features

  • Tier 3 Diesel
  • 150 kVA Prime Output
  • Ultra Quiet Advanced Sound-Absorbing Technology
  • Rugged, fuel-efficient Isuzu diesel engine

Red-D-Arc sound-attenuated ultra-quiet mobile generators combine design simplicity with uncompromising standards of engineering excellence.

Product Details


Generator Type: Rotating field, brushless 3 ph
synchronous alternator
Rated Frequency: 60 Hz
Rated Output: 150 kVA, 120 kW
Rated Voltage: 3 ph: 208V/480V
1 ph: 120V/240V/277V
Rated Current: 3 ph-208V: 416 A
3 ph-480V: 180 A
1 ph-120V: 361 x 2 (zigzag)
1 ph-240V: 361 (zigzag)
Winding: 3 ph, 4-wire star with neutral / zig-zag
Power Factor: 80%
Insulation class: F
Excitation: Self excitation (brushless)
No. of Poles: 4
Type: Vertical water-cooled 4-cycle diesel
Model (Manufacturer): 6HK1 (ISUZU)
No. of Cylinders:
(bore x stroke):
6, (4.53 in x 4.92 in / 115 mm x 125 mm)
Continuous Rated Output: 142 kW, 190 hp
Rated Speed: 1800 rpm
Displacement: 475.4 / 7.790 L
Combustion System: Direct injection (turbo-charged)
Cooling Method: Radiator
Lubricating Method: Forced lubrication
Starting Method: Electric
Fuel: Diesel
Lubricating Oil: CD class
Fuel Tank Capacity: 74 gal / 280 L
Lubricant Volume: 10 gal / 38 L
Cooling Water Volume: 6.3 gal / 23.8 L
Starting Motor Capacity: 24V - 5.0 kW
Charging Alternator Capacity: 24V - 50 A
Battery: 105E41R x 2
Battery Capacity: 12V - 100AH
Weight and Dimensions
Overall L x W x H: 135.8 x 48.8 x 72.8 in (3450 x 1240 x 1850 mm)
Approx. Net Dry Weight: 6504 lbs (2950 kg)
Installed Weight 7187 lbs (3260 kg)
*Output when the voltage selector switch is set at 240V

Additional Features


  • Rugged, fuel-efficient diesel engine
  • Ultra quiet thanks to advanced sound-absorbing technology
  • Lightweight and exceptionally compact to fit into tight spaces
  • Generators connect easily, are simple to operate and run a long time between fill-ups
  • Meet current EPA emission standards
  • Both single- and three-phase output
  • Voltage selector switch permits matching output to the load. Lockable switch protects against improper voltage change
  • Low oil pressure and high coolant temperature result in automatic shut-downs
  • Thermal relay opens main circuit breaker to protect generator in case of overload
  • Durable all-weather outer enclosure with powder coat paint and stainless steel fasteners throughout provide protection against corrosion
  • Two-way tank valve for easy connection with auxiliary tanks

Ultra-Quiet technology significantly reduces generator sound levels

  • Air dams and insulated panels re-direct cooling air, doubling length-of-travel to minimize airflow noise without the need for power-robbing auxiliary fans
  • The enclosure features heavy gauge panels and door panels plus engineered sound-absorbing foam. The result is lower sound levels as well as increased unit rigidity
  • Specially tuned muffler and a longer exhaust pipe improve the balance of high and low noise frequencies

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Red-D-Arc RDA150T3S 150 kVA Diesel Generator

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