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Hypertherm Python 85

Hypertherm Python 85 Plasma Cutter

Top Features

  • Cutting Range: 1" – 1 1/4"
  • For Cutting 1" Recommended, at Speeds > 20 IPM
  • For Cutting 1 1/4" Maximum, at Speeds of 10 IPM
  • Capacity for Severance 1 1/2" at speeds of 5 IPM

Smart Sense technology automatically adjusts the gas pressure according to cutting mode and torch lead length for optimal performance. Boost Conditioner circuit improves performance on low-line voltage, on motor generators and on fluctuating input power. FastConnect torches, a CNC interface, and four work lead styles increase its versatility for handheld and mechanized use.

Product Details


Input Voltage: 200 - 480 V, 1 Phase or 200 - 600 V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Input Current: Single-Phase: 70 - 29 A, 200 - 480 V at 12.2 kW output
Three-Phase: 42 - 17 A, 200 - 600 V at 12.2 kW output
Output Voltage: 143 VDC
Output Current: 25 to 85 A
Duty Cycle: 66 A at 100%, 230-600 V, 1 or 3 Phase
Maximum OCV: 305 VDC
Weight: 71 lb (32.2 kg) including 25' (7.6 m) torch
Dimensions: H: 17.9" (455 mm) W: 9.2" (234 mm) L: 19.7" (500 mm) (with handles)
Gas Supply: Clean, dry, oil-free air or nitrogen
Flow Rate (Cutting): 400 scfh; 6.7 scfm (189 l/min)
Flow Pressure: 85 psi (5.9 bar)
Torches: H85 or H85s hand torch, M85 or M85m machine torch

Additional Features


  • Finish jobs faster with cut speeds two and a half times greater than oxyfuel on 1/2" mild steel
  • Spend less time on grinding and edge preparation due to superior cut and gouge quality
  • No need to change the air pressure. Smart Sense™ technology ensures that it is always correctly set
  • Drag cut at full output with a patented shield that reduces dross buildup for smoother cutting
  • Tackle different jobs with multiple, easy-to-use torch styles
  • Reduce costs with long consumable life and more uptime
  • High power efficiency lowers energy consumption
  • Duramax™ torches are designed for high-impact and heat resistance
  • SpringStart™ technology ensures consistent starting and a more reliable torch
  • Low maintenance for maximum uptime

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Hypertherm Python 85

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