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Power Generator Rentals

Rent LPG, Dual Fuel and Diesel Generators, Power Panels and Paralleling Systems

Red-D-Arc offers a full line of engine-driven, parallel ready generators including diesel generators, natural gas/LPG bi-fuel gaseous generators and diesel/natural gas dual fuel generators.

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Don Mabutas - US North
New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Maine, West Virginia, Massachussets, Missouri, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, DC

Tom McGill - US South
Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi

David Rodriguez - US West
California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colarado, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Michael Stevens - US South-West
Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas

Generator Leasing Advantages

Avoid tying up capital in costly, depreciating equipment. The Red-D-Arc WelderLogistics operating lease program allows for affordable alternative to ownership. Keep your fleet up to date with the latest power generation equipment. Enjoy the benefits of a full warranty, zero maintenance costs and almost no down time. Talk to one of our generator rental experts about leasing your fleet of power generation equipment.

Generator Rental

D&D Power: Oilfield Generator Rentals in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico

If you're need a fleet of industrial power generators to keep your oilfield operations running smoothly D&D Power Oilfield Services is ready to help. With 24/7 on call support and generator paralleling systems, you can virtually eliminate downtime due to power failure. Our generator monitoring systems ensure that any issues are detected immediately, and our paralleling systems ensure backup power redundancy.

Generator Articles

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Used Generator Sales

We also offer a number of portable used diesel generators for sale

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